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Self Storage

At some point eveyone finds the need of some extra storage space. Usually an event such as a new birth, wedding or graduation triggers the need for extra space, either temporarily or for a longer term. Selling or remodeling your home is another example of why you may need some extra storage space. Storing your items during a remodel can help your contractors get the job done faster with better results if they don’t have to navigate around excessive clutter.

Collectors and hobbyists benefit from having a place to store their items without creating additional clutter, and Broken Bow Storage has secure units to keep all your collectibles and materials safe and secure in addition to keeping your items away from prying eyes.

The need for a personal self-storage unit often arise unexpectedly. These are the most common needs for a personal self-storage unit we see in our customers:

  • A new living situation: newlyweds, roommates that are combining households always need a long-term or short-term storage unit.
  • Brand-new empty nesters: when your last kid moves out, transforming their old space into your new hobby-room or home-office often triggers a need for additional storage space.
  • A death in the family typically is another need for a personal storage unit.
  • Remodeling or a construction project presents an obvious need for additional storage.
  • Selling your home – nothing makes your old house look bigger and more spacious, and more appealing to potential buyers than getting rid of all your extra furnishings.
  • Hobbies. Many of our customers use one of our personal storage units to store their seasonal outdoor decorations, snowboards and ski gear, tubes and water toys, and other hobbies that create a surplus of stuff that is difficult to store at home without cramping other family members.
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Broken Bow Self Storage is a well lit, storage facility in Harker Heights, Texas. Offering two sizes of storage rooms which are 10x10 and 10x20. Broken Bow Storage takes pride in providing quality, affordable storage solutions for Harker Heights, Texas and the surrounding area. If you are looking for a place to securely store your personal belongings at an affodable cost, give Broken Bow Storage a call today.